Renewal Every Day

A difficult season doesn't mean God has forgotten you. Just the opposite. His plans and provision for you are always greater than the problems facing you. He is so brilliant at turning negative circumstances into opportunities to heal, renew your mind, and learn to thrive in the overcoming life he has for you.

The Greatest Thing in the World

This is from one of my favorite books, "The Greatest Thing in the World," by Henry Drummond, 1891. It’s worth spending a minute reading . . . and a lifetime living. Unconditional love is the best thing we do, and no day is wasted trying to do it a little better.

Voting for Love

I've spent much of my life researching spiritual subjects. I think every believer should learn all he or she can about God, both through ongoing experience and life–long study. I'm also interested in politics. I majored in political science and history. The only opportunity to vote I've missed was a primary when I was fighting …